The Virgo Sign Tee

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About The Virgo Sign Tee

You make the rest of us look bad with your unreasonable, exaggerated, stressful accomplishments, even on a bad day. Sorry, are we interrupting you on your way to taking first place in everything again! You have a judgmental-bossy character, but only in matters of major life decisions or bad grammar, but just for those you love, hate, and don't know at all. You're undoubtedly the master of killing with kindness. Others may confuse your empathy for weakness, which might escalate quickly to the best show in town; because you are a destroyer with icepick precision while keeping a smile on your face even before your morning coffee. *Just make sure not to get too mad, though; Last time it took you around two and a half years to calm down.

Material & care 

  • 100% Cotton 
  •  wash 30 degrees

Model Fit

  • Model Is wearing size: Small
  • height: 1.73 cm




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פריטי סייל ניתן להחזיר עד 7 ימי עסקים

:אפשר לבחור בין 2 אופציות

 קרדיט לאתר - סכום מלא ללא הגבלת זמן- 

זיכוי לאשראי- 

משלוח חזרה אלינו 2 אופציות

(החזרת הפריט עם שליח - 25 ש״ח (במידה ובחרת לקבל קרדיט לאתר - השליחות היא חינם - 

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